Nóż do kabli płaskich i okrągłych

Do wszystkich standardowych kabli płaskich o szerokości do 18 mm i wszystkich standardowych kabli okrągłych o średnicy 6-13 mm.

Numer produktu: 10068090

159,27 zł*

Treść: 1 PCE (159,27 zł* / 1 PCE)

Dostępny, czas dostawy: 1-3 days

Informacje dot. produktu

The flat and round cable stripper can be used to strip all common flat and round cables quickly, precisely and safely.The tool was designed for flat cables up to a width of 18 mm and for round cables up to a diameter of 13 mm. Thanks to the guide at the head of the tool, longitudinal cuts are very easy to perform – especially for longer sections. The longitudinal cuts can be made on both flat and round cables. Below the cable guide is a rotatable inner blade. As with all WEICON TOOLS cable strippers, the blades can be used to make both circular and longitudinal cuts on round cables (from 6 to 13 mm) in a single step. With a lockable adjusting screw, the depth of the blade can be comfortably and precisely set in steps of 0.1 mm up to 3 mm. This prevents damage to deeper layers. Two more blades have been added to the base of this handy tool. These are used for parallel cutting of the outer sheath or insulation. This means that the outer sheath can be easily removed even in very narrow spaces, such as in junction boxes or cable ducts. The special design allows the stripping of longer sections at both the head and base of the tool. Flat cables up to a width of 18 mm and round cables up to 13 mm in diameter can easily be guided through the tool. An additional stripping function has been integrated in the lower side of the housing. This can be used to strip all common flexible and solid conductors with a cross-section between 0.5 and 6 square millimetres.

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