Cable Stripper No. 8-27 Green Line

Sustainable stripping tool I working range 8 - 28 mm Ø

Numer produktu: 10061996

101,55 zł*

Treść: 1 PCE (101,55 zł* / 1 PCE)

Dostępny, czas dostawy: 2-4 days

Informacje dot. produktu

Sustainable stripping tool I Infinitely variable and easy to operate adjusting wheel Self-turning I rotating inner blade I Precise, quick and safe stripping I Working range 8 - 28 mm Ø

With the Green Line, a very special tool range has been developed. The tools are made of up to 97 % renewable raw materials, which are recyclable and have an excellent life cycle assessment. The Cable Stripper 8-27 enables precise, fast and safe stripping of all common round cables with a diameter between 8 and 28 millimetres. The Cable Stripper has a non-slip, multi-component handle with ergonomic shape. Thanks to the set screw on the back of the handle, the cutting depth can be adjusted with an infinitely variable range. This prevents damaging the inner conductor. The cutting blade is integrated in the housing and self-rotating, thus enabling the automatic adjustment from circular to longitudinal cutting.

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